Rotary Youth Leadership Award in Sofia, Bulgaria

Tue, Apr 19, 2016 7:08 AM

What is RYLA?

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership program coordinated by Rotary Clubs across the globe. Each year, thousands of young people participate in this program.

The format of the event may vary from district to district. RYLA events are typically 3–10 days long and include presentations, activities, and workshops that cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Leadership fundamentals and ethics
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Community and global citizenship

Rotary clubs and districts select participants and facilitate the event’s curriculum. 

RYLA aims to:

  • Demonstrate Rotary’s respect and concern for youth;
  • Provide an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders;
  • Encourage leadership of youth by youth;
  • Recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities.

Every RYLA program covers the following core topics:

  • Fundamentals of leadership
  • Give young people the chance to come together in a supportive environment to gain a better understanding of their own strengths and the unique qualities and abilities of others
  • Provide an opportunity for young people to develop a network of resources to facilitate their roles and development
  • Facilitate learning about teamwork, communication, motivation and to develop the leadership skills of young people through experiential workshops
  • Create a greater awareness of social issues affecting young people and
  • Demonstrate Rotary's commitment to young people.
  • Problem-solving and conflict management

What to expect?

Everyone comes to RYLA hoping to gain different things. Sometimes these things are exactly what you gain from participating – other times, you learn something completely different, that you never expected. Everyone’s experience of RYLA is unique. What you can expect though, is to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and to hear from a series of speakers, all with different perspectives on leadership, personal development and community. 
Some speakers will challenge you and what you believe, but hopefully some will also connect with you, or inspire you.
RYLA assumes that 'leadership' is a diverse and varied concept and any one form or style of leadership is not seen as more important than any other


FAQ for RYLA’16

  • What is the process for application and participation for RYLA'16?
    1. First you will fill the application form.
    2. Send us a recommendation letter from your sponsor rotary club.
    3. The RYLA’16 organizers will choose 20 people from the applicants and they will send the confirmation e-mails for RYLA participation.
    4. If you are one of the selected candidates, you will have to send us (to confirm your participation) your flight ticket/reservation.
  • Is there any participation fee for the RYLA'16?
    • Yes. Participation fee is 50 Euros. This fee includes accommodation (4 nights), seminar, breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
    • Any additional drinks, food, transportation to and from Sofia and pocket money will have to be paid by the participant.
  • Can I come to Sofia before RYLA or leave the Sofia after from RYLA'16?
    • Yes you can. But all extras will belong to you. The Rotary and Rotaract Club Sofia – Vitosha does not take any responsibility.
  • Will there be any program on THE LAST DAY?
    • No, RYLA’16 will be over after the breakfast and the award ceremony. After that you will be free.
  • How is the weather in June?
    • Mostly weather is like sunny and 23°C – 28°C on average in June.
  • Will there be time for shopping?
    • It will depend on the program. But yes there will be time for shopping.




We are ancient...

  • Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, was founded 7000 years ago. This makes it the second oldest city in Europe.
  • The gold treasure discovered in the Varna Necropolis is the oldest one in the world. It dates back to 5000 BC.
  • Bulgaria comes third in the list of countries with most valuable archaeological sites discovered on their territories, preceded only by Greece and Italy. 
  • Over 15 000 Thracian tombs have been discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. The bulk of them are yet to be explored.
  • There is solid historical evidence that wine has been produced on the territory of what is now modern-day Bulgaria ever since the Stone Age. Today the country has earned the reputation of an excellent wine producer


We are unique...

  • The famous Bulgarian rose oil is used for making some of the world’s most popular and expensive perfumes. One gram rose oil is produced out of 1000 rose blossoms.
  • Every year on the 1st March Bulgarians exchange “Martenitsas”. Essentially, these are small pieces of adornment made of red and white thread, which symbolize good health and happiness.
  • Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is the only big city in Europe that lies just 15 minutes away from an imposing mountain – Vitosha. Cherni Vrah (Black Peak – 2290 m) is its highest peak.
  • Bulgaria is the country with the highest number of natural mineral springs in Continental Europe – over 600.
  • National instrument is the bagpipes – called the “Gaida”.



Sofia is the capital of and the largest city in Bulgaria. Sofia (Sophia or Sofiya) is in the west central part of the country, about 35 miles (55 km) from the Bulgarian-Serbian border. Sofia (Sophia or Sofiya) is in the west central part of the country, about 35 miles (55 km) from the Bulgarian-Serbian border. The city is a separate district ( okrug ) and is also the capital of a surrounding district of the same name. The city is a separate district (okrug) and is also the capital of a surrounding district of the same name. Encircled by mountains, the city lies in a fertile basin formed by the Iskŭr River and its tributaries. Encircled by mountains, the city lies in a fertile basin formed by the Iskur River and its tributaries.Here 10 fun facts about Sofia:



* To complete your registration, we kindly request a recommendation letter from your sponsor rotary club.

* Applicants should be over 18 years old.

* After selection you could make a wire transfer for the application fee €50 the your bank account or you could pay upon your arrival to Sofia

* Please, do not buy any ticket before we confirm your application form.